Blue grass: Filter found!

This post is very short, but of the utmost importance. At least that’s what I think.

I finally found the Lee filter that can be used to generate blue grass and trees in combination with the Midopt DB850. Actually, there are two, though I would give a slight advantage to “Dirty White” over “Full CT Straw”: The sky is minimally more blue. But actually they are identical.

That’s all – until the next post!


I wasn’t aware of the existence of these kind of double bandpass filters. I also use light orange gels to get blue trees but as i dont use any other infrared cutting filter the result is always bright and icy blues. But with this DB850 you really get rich and deep colors. Do you think it is also due to the fact that the 850nm wavelenghts impact the sensor more evenly than the wavelengths closer to red that impact very strongly the red chanel making deep colors for foliage other than red (Irchrome or Peackock blue/grb3) hard to achieve?

Glad you like it. Yes, that is certainly one reason. And especially that the sensitivity of the sensor decreases from about 750nm, so the IR has less of an “influence”.

Hi, Christoph.
I thought you might be interested to see the result I got with the blue trees technique. So here’s a link :

I used my 1000D for this (my 1200D is really not well suited for blue trees, they always come purple). The gel I used along with the DB850 was “Loving Amber”

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