Homage to Simon Marsden

I remember coming across the eerie images of Simon Marsden as a little boy. In the school library, I was flipping through a magazine (probably GEO) and came across an article about the English artist, who photographed haunted houses with analog cameras and infrared film. The black and white images, with their glowing objects, look as if they were taken from beyond the grave.

Because I loved ghost stories even then, I enjoyed seeing the eerie, dreamy scenes. But I didn’t yet realize what infrared was, or that I could do it myself. I rediscovered Marsden many years later, when I had already begun with infrared photography. Since then I have often tried to get closer to his distinctive style.

This current attempt shows a part of the World Telegraph Memorial built in 1922 on Helvetiaplatz in Bern. I shot the photo with a Sigma SD1 (full-spectrum) and used a strong fog filter for the Marsden typical glow effect.

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