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More time with the TB550/660/850

The sun shone for a few hours yesterday, enough to take some photos with the TB550/660/850. The results are very similar to the Orange-Green filter method (see previous posts). In any case, even with this filter it is not possible to get an Aerochrome-like image without some tweaks in PS, i.e. only by exchanging the color channels.

Without adjustments the red tones become rather pale. This has primarily to do with the IR contamination of all three color channels. Otherwise, the color changes typical for the old Kodak EIR color infrared film fit: artificial reds – like the car in the image below – turn to yellow.

The following images were processed with the same adjustments as those with the orange-green combination. That means above all: blue tones -30 in the Raw Converter. But I like the look. The vegetation comes out more pink.

I have also experimented a bit with videos. Here it looks like the processing is simpler than with the orange-green method. This is mainly because the blues (which become red after the channel swap) are already present in-camera. When I have better conditions, I will do more tests on this.




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