My infrared setup

Here is my infrared setup for spring and summer. Now that everything is sprouting and blooming, it’s the perfect time to go outside. It’s not only an IR setup, but also UV.

My camera is the D600, which I converted to full spectrum myself. I tried a glass replacement filter that allows UV, IR and visible light to pass through. But I removed it again. This particular type of glass is too susceptible to dust and dirt. So away with it. In general anyway, the less glass, the better. And the camera is now perfectly calibrated – given the circumstances: many different wavelengths et cetera.

Here is my 50mm that I equipped with the Triple Bandpass, “Aerochrome” filter:

Infrared setup

Here is the same type lens with the Blue Trees DB940 and Medium Amber combo:

Infrared setup

And the UV setup: A 35mm lens and a combo of Hot Mirror (which only blocks IR) and UV filter that passes UV and IR. Why this lens when I now have a Kuribayashi?

Infrared setup

Well, the problem is that I don’t see much difference. Yes, the Kuribayashi gives more saturation in the false colors, but you can compensate for that in post. The Nikon 35mm is AF, which helps a lot with UV.

Besides, with the Kuri, it’s like you have to choose: For close-ups or long-distance shots. If you want to do close-ups, you have to mount an additional adapter. And since I mainly want to capture street scenes, that’s too cumbersome for me. Maybe one day I’ll take a portrait of a person or a flower. With the Nikon, I’m much more versatile.

Infrared setup

But yes, this is my setup for this year. I am looking forward to it!

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