Water buffalo in “Aerochrome”

No real info here, just some pictures of water buffalos in Uebeschi, taken with the Sigma SD1 and the “Aerochrome” setup.

This time without the orange filter, and without polarizer, so you need less light. Only Middle Rose and the TB.

But I noticed something: The colors of the vegetation depend on the time of day or more precisely on the direction and intensity of the light. These photos were taken in the evening, just before sunset.

Trees become redder as soon as the light is weaker and the sun is lower. As with original Aerochrome.

Water buffalo Aerochrome

Water buffalo Aerochrome

Water buffalo Aerochrome

Water buffalo Aerochrome


These are gorgeous. Being able to photograph with that look straight out of the camera must be an incredible experience. However the SD1 does’t have live view I believe. Are you planning to test this on the SD Quattro sometime ?
I am curious to see what the Jpegs from the camera look like.

PS: I have a TB now. I adapted your technique on my canon and made a post on UVP I don’t know if you’ve seen it.

Hi Fedia. Yes, I saw that – well done! Unfortunately the sky is still too magenta (probably not possible otherwise).
As for the Quattro – no, I’ll stick with the Merrill. The Sigma cameras are too expensive for a quick buy and try out….

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