The tools I use for IR conversion

This is a short post. It is intended to show what tools I use to convert cameras to full spectrum. Actually it is quite simple. A soldering iron is missing here because I’ve done well without one so far. There are many models, including Nikon D70, D3100, D700 and D600, where you don’t need to desolder or solder anything.

So I use a screwdriver to unscrew all the screws to get to the inside of the camera. A toothpick to gently pull the ribbon cables out of their holders. A pair of delicate pliers to get screws out (and then put them back in) without them disappearing anywhere. And – very importantly – dust remover spray, which is a kind of high-pressure air spray. This is used to remove dust from the sensor (and any IR filter that is installed) before reassembling everything. You don’t need a sterile environment. You could be in a really dusty room when you use this spray.

In general, I follow LifePixel’s instructions for my IR conversions.

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