The new 50mm lens

Today I tested the new 50mm lens I bought. Basically I needed it so I could use the other one permanently for the “Bluegrass IR” look. But I also wanted to find out if this 50mm gives better results with the Triple Bandpass filter compared to the older manual 50mm.

Indeed it does. For the Aerochrome look with the TB filter, it’s perfect. Because the sharpness is already sensational from f/8 with the Nikon D700. And that’s true in both A and M mode.

Quick note regarding post-processing:

Temperature: 3250
Tint: 12

Then in the channel mixer (this is to subtract the IR from 2 channels, so that the vegetation gets deeper red and pink tones):

Red: 0, 0, 100
Green: 100, 0, -30
Blue: 0, 100, -30

Then back to the Raw Converter and there:

Temperature: 20
Tint: 70

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