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The cotton candy IR look

So yesterday I tried out, just for fun and to maybe achieve a new IR look, some old filters which I had stowed away. I thought, perhaps one or two could be of use with my new Nikon D7100, because you can select the perfect color temperature manually on this model. And I found a surprising result: The green (X1) filter by Hoya, which I had bought for my Sigma SD14 (link), can give you cotton-candy-like magenta tones in the willows and trees and cyan-blue skies. I think it’s an awesome IR look.

So what do you have to do?

Set the white balance to around 2560 Kelvin and then go to the color matrix to select the square in the red-magenta corner. That’s about it. I additionally screwed on a Sunsoft Cokin filter which gave the image a more neutral, browish tone, but I’d say that’s mandatory. I also used a polarizer and increased the saturation and hues in the picture controls.

Take a look at the following video (external Flickr link):

Green (X1) filter

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