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TB550/660/850 plus Tiffen 16

Sometimes it’s like a jinx: You want to test new gear or have good ideas for experiments and the weather doesn’t play along. That’s what’s happening these days. I need sun! Unfortunately, a thick blanket of high fog hangs over me, indeed over all of Europe, it seems, from the Pyrenees over France and Germany to Finland, as SRF Meteo writes. Well. It’s good enough for a first small test.

I took out my TB550/660/850 filter again to see how it performs in combination with the Tiffen 16 Orange filter (which I use for my usual Aerochrome emulation with X1). The ultimate goal is to capture “Aerochrome-like” videos in a simple and fast way, without much post-processing.

And that is only possible to a limited extent with X1 and Orange, since you have to make changes in the raw converter as well as swapping channels. It works well with photos and Photoshop, but videos and Premiere are another story. Ideally, I would be able to set the white balance in-camera so that it matches and then just feed the video into the channel mixer in Premiere.

The problem with the TB550/660/850 filter, which actually works on the same principle as the Aerochrome film (registers only green, red and infrared), is that the vegetation comes out too orange and even more post-processing is needed than with the X1-Orange combination. It seems that the IR contamination of the red and green channel is too strong. Paradoxically, processing a video with this filter is easier. The reason is primarily that you can set the correct white balance in-camera.

So maybe a complementary orange filter could help get better colors in-camera.

Here is the result – on the left without Tiffen 16, on the right with Tiffen 16. It seems to be better. The pale pink-orange becomes a richer pink. But what matters is how it will look in the sunshine. I hope the tenacious blanket of fog dissipates in the coming days.

TB550/660/850 plus Tiffen 16

TB550/660/850 plus Tiffen 16