Spring has finally arrived

Everything around us is blooming again – spring has finally arrived. I made a quick video test with the TB filter and Orange 16. The result is a little dark, I know. But you have to be careful not to expose too much so that you don’t see any “eroded” areas with reflections after the channel swap.

I chose 60 frames per second, accordingly I set the exposure time to 1/120 (or 1/125) so that the movements look natural. For aperture I chose around 7, but it came out too dark. Next time maybe more like 5 or 6. White balance: 2500 Kelvin.

Afterwards I loaded it into Premiere. There I entered the following for temperature and tint: 80 and -80.

Afterwards channel mixer:

Red: 0, 0, 100
Green: 100, 0, -40
Blue: 0, 100, -40


Brightness plus 20
Contrast plus 20

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