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Converted Nikon D70: let’s paint it red!

Custom Nikon D70

Most cameras cannot be easily converted to full spectrum/IR. This is actually only very easy with the Sigma DSLRs. With the vast majority of Nikons and Canons (and also other brands) it is very difficult. But there is one exception: the Nikon D70.

Even there, removing the IR cut filter is not as easy as with Sigma, but the process is quite simple with this model (link). I have therefore started to convert Nikon D70 cameras myself and will probably offer this service in the future.

For a long time, the Nikon D70 was my favorite IR camera. This certainly has to do with the fact that they were my first IR cameras. But I’m also won over by the grainy images it produces, and its general handling. The resulting megapixels were the only reason I switched to Nikon D3200 and eventually Nikon D7100.

But recently I was looking at the print of one of my photos – the duck picture, which is also on the home page in the slide show – and realized how good the D70’s images are despite its 6 megapixels.

They are fantastic, enough for large-format art prints, and more than enough for magazines or books. The sensor is simply very good, and depending on the lens, results in ultra-sharp images where you zoom in 200 percent and think you’re looking at 100 percent.

Building IR cameras is simply fun. But what would a custom camera be without custom paint? My girlfriend Sabrina has now given my first self-converted camera a matching paint job. Red because this camera has been equipped with the Aerochrome look. I will offer complete packages, consisting of a full spectrum Nikon D70, an IR sensitive lens as well as filters. Depending on the style, only polyester filters (that are placed behind the lens) or a combination of polyester and glass filters are used.

I think it came out very nicely.

Custom Nikon D70

Custom Nikon D70

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