Only the moon and me

Astrophotography seems like a good hobby to me. My girlfriend’s father gave me his old telescope some time ago. I, as a technophobe, had a long time trouble to assemble the bulky thing. I lacked the patience. But a few nights ago, after seeing the moon and how it shone beautifully from the night sky, I wanted to know.

The moment when you first look at the moon up close through a telescope is difficult to describe. Unbelievable actually, that we are sailing on a sphere somewhere through infinite blackness. And that the moon and stars exist. I saw craters in absolute sharpness. It’s a moment that gives you peace and makes you look at life from a different angle. Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But it’s definitely relaxing.

I now have to buy an adapter so that I can connect my cameras to the telescope. Therefore the picture of the moon is not from the telescope lens, but from my 300mm Tokina.


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