News from Richard Mosse

Like probably others, my passion for IR photography started with the Aerochrome pictures of Richard Mosse. Mosse is an Irish photographer who uses IR, UV and multispectral techniques to make social, environmental and political problems visible. I just came across this short documentary about his work:

The video, titled “Artist Richard Mosse Documents Unseen Global Crises,” follows the artist and his collaborators Ben Frost and Trevor Tweeten as they use surveillance technologies and scientific tools to capture under-reported humanitarian and environmental crises around the world. Mosse’s work draws attention to the systems used to capture and distribute information about these events, as well as the difficulty viewers encounter in perceiving and understanding them.

His recent projects center on the Amazon Rainforest, using multispectral imaging and Western media tropes to reveal both the mundane operations and catastrophic effects of deforestation, bringing the realities of climate change into focus.

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