My first video on YouTube

Now I tested a bit further and found out that the Orange-16 filter, which I use for the Orange-Green method, also helps a bit with the Aerochrome emulation with the Triple Bandpass, i.e. improves the image. I’m not 100% sure yet if it really changes anything, but I think it makes the sky darker blue and the vegetation a bit redder and more uniform. I will certainly do some tests with stronger orange filters.

The following is important for the video: Be sure to underexpose, otherwise in post-processing (when swapping channels) the areas that are heavily sunlit will be “eaten out” by the light and take on a strange color. At the same time, you can turn up Active D-Lighting so that very dark areas don’t get too dark.

The video below (yes, this is my first ever on YouTube!) was made today, in the afternoon in the best winter weather. White balance: 2500 Kelvin.

Afterwards I loaded it into Premiere. There I entered the following for temperature and tint: 77 and -93.

Afterwards channel mixer:

Red: 0, 0, 100
Green: 100, 0, -50
Blue: 0, 100, -50


Brightness plus 30
Contrast plus 20

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