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New movie about Simon Marsden

Simon Marsden photographed haunted houses and castles in Great Britain and worldwide. His images have been a huge inspiration for me and countless other photographers. Irish filmmaker Jason Figgis has now finished a wonderful new documentary about the late British photographer and author of ghostly legends, and I was granted an early online screening by Figgis.

The film should be looked at as a companion piece to Figgis’ earlier work on and in collaboration with Marsden, The Twilight Hour, which is a haunting and tremendously atmospheric movie that was shot in Ireland. The camera work, the lighting, the sound are incredible. It’s really one of my favourite documentaries.

His new film Simon Marsden: A Life in Pictures has a slightly different, more neutral tone. It’s less spooky and haunting than The Twilight Hour from 2003 and more informative and prosaic, but in a positive sense.

It’s a portrait of Marsden. It tells his story, how he grew up, how he became interested in hauntings and it’s also about technical aspects of his work – Marsden shot his images mostly with Kodak HIE infrared film. Friends and artists tell their opinion and share their stories about Marsden. Figgis put a focus on his collaboration with Marsden during their journey to haunted places in Ireland which alone is extremely fascinating if you have seen The Twilight Hour.

I can recommend this movie to anyone who’s interested in photography and especially infrared photography, hauntings, British and Irish culture, interesting people, and art itself. It’s an entertaining and very passionate work.

According to Figgis, the film is currently about to go out on the festival circuit and then distribution with limited theatrical run, and TV, DVD and VOD release will follow.

Here’s the trailer:


SIMON MARSDEN : A LIFE IN PICTURES (2018) from Jason Figgis on Vimeo.

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