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How to do a Kodak EIR-style digital video

Finally, I’ve found a simple way to do a video with the color scheme of Kodak EIR or Aerochrome. Hallmarks of this now rare film are the sometimes reddish, sometimes more magenta-colored trees and plants and the stark contrasts. Well, it is quite easy to achieve the red leaves look with full-spectrum cameras. It doesn’t look exactly like Aerochrome or Kodak EIR but it looks great in my opinion. It looks even better if you’re especially interested in the red leaves and would like to have a natural look elsewhere in the picture and natural skin colors. But you do need a couple of things.

So here’s a short tutorial:

1. Get a circular polarizer and a cyan filter. I use a BIG polarizer and the Cokin cyan CC50 C.
2. Set up the white balance: choose Cloudy and the values in the color matrix, which give the most reddish hues in the vegetation and the most natural colors elsewhere.
3. Get Adobe Premiere. Open the program, load the video, go to Colors, then choose Curves, then enhance the red colors in the segment Hue Saturation Curve.
4. Save/export the file. Please note: long videos will take quite a long time to save. I mostly record videos with a length between 30 seconds and 1 minute.

Here’s the result of my Kodak EIR film emulation. Please note that this was recorded in winter time. You can see some twirling snow flakes. Hence there is not much green vegetation, which does reflect IR quite well. There will be better results in the coming months. The links will lead to my Flickr page.

IR video test

IR video test

IR video test

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