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For sale

The following items are for sale. I used them regularly so they sometimes do have scratches et cetera, but they work fine. Send me an email if you’re interested in any of these.

B+W 093 IR 830 — 67mm
Tiffen Fog 4 — 67mm
Kenko Red Enhancer No. 1 — 52mm
Hoya Green (X1) — 72mm
B+W 491 Red Hancer — 55mm
B+W 041 Red-Orange — 67mm
Tiffen Circular Polarizer — 55mm
Hoya Circular Polarizer — 72mm
Tiffen 25 Red 1 — 62mm
B.I.G Circular Polarizer — 67mm
Hoya Green-Yellow (X0) — 67mm
Zomei IR 720 — 67mm
B+W Neutral Density 1,8-6 BL — 67mm

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