The Cokin Varicolor

As readers will have noticed, I’m a fan of dramatic skies – whether that’s in the form of wild cloud formations or stark color gradients. And it doesn’t always have to be infrared. Yesterday, I was in the mood to try out my Cokin Varicolor filter with my unconverted Nikon D700.

According to the manufacturer these filters take on different colors when rotated vertical to horizontal (or vise-versa). “Due to their use of polarizing film the color effects will be stronger in certain areas depending on polarization. You will discover a whole palette of unexpected and unusual shades, which will enhance reality.”

It is still difficult to say under which conditions the Cokin Varicolor works best. The angle to the sun is crucial, similar to the normal circular polarizer, which darkens and changes the sky mainly vis-à-vis the sun and 90 degrees to the irradiation line. With the Cokin Varicolor – this is the red-blue variant – stark color gradients come out. I especially like the dark purple tones. The most beautiful thing about it all: The neutral tones and also other colors remain quite untouched with the perfect angle. I can only recommend it. Am curious about the Cokin Varicolor yellow-blue variant, which I will try out soon.

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