Does my method hold up?

I went outside to see how well my method reproduces the Aerochrome color changes (for context please see previous entries). For this purpose, I took photos with this combo on the one hand, and photos with the two-image technique (hot mirror and 830nm filter) on the other hand. Preliminary conclusion: Very good.

Workflow in Photoshop for processing the orange-green photos (values will probably still change a little for the optimal result):

1. in Raw converter: set white balance to stone/road, change Hues (Greens -15, Aquas -15, Blues -30).
2. open in Photoshop, then move channels: Blue to Red, Red to Green, Green to Blue.
3. in the channel mixer: change values in the red channel (resulting in green +100, blue -100), change values in the green channel (resulting in green +200, blue -100)

From top to bottom: Visible, Hot-Mirror/830nm, Orange-Green.

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