Digital Aerochrome video

I have come a big step closer to real digital Aerochrome video. Here is the “secret” recipe. But beware! It may differ from camera to camera, respectively lens to lens. I used a Nikon D7100 with a Nikon 28-80mm. I installed the TB550/660/850 filter behind the lens.

I chose 2500 K as white balance. But it is not the perfect value. Perfect would be if I could WB on a patch of grass in-camera. But that does not work for me so far. So: take white balance either in-camera from vegetation or in post-processing via eyedropper, as I have done.

Load the video into Adobe Premiere. Then (If you simply set 2500 K) go to the Lumetri Color section and adjust the white balance by pointing the eyedropper at a patch of grass, leaves or fir green. The value should be like this: Temperature about +75, Tint -45.

Then the channel mixer. Very simple. Thanks to Andy from the UltravioletPhotography forum for the tip on how to do the channel swap in this very simple way:

Red: 0, 0, 100
Green: 100, 0, -40
Blue: 0, 100, -40

The values with 0 and 100 are mandatory. The -40 can vary depending on white balance and color preferences. Remember: The lower the value, the more intense the reds will be. So I recommend to set the value between -30 and -60.

That’s it. I did not change the contrast or anything else.

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