DB940: a new filter to play with

Here’s another filter from Midwest Optics that might be of particular interest to fans of obscure IR false-color styles: The DB940. It is particularly suitable for color palettes with violet, aqua, blue and strange green tones in plants and otherwise natural colors. And no – for all those asking the question -, the filter is not better suited for Aerochrome emulations due to the lower IR transmission.

Since I only have a small diameter filter, the larger tests are still pending, as I lack a suitable lens. But here are a few first impressions. Only from images with plants.

The combo is always DB940 plus a Lee filter. Each photographed with a full spectrum Nikon D40x and the standard 18-55mm lens.

Unknown Sepia filter from the Lee Filters Swatch Book:

Db940 Sepia


DB940 Chocolate

Lime Green:

DB940 Lime Green

Fern Green:

DB940 Green

Moss Green:

DB940 Moss Green

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