The crazy beam splitter idea

Remember the post about the idea of using multiple sensors to expand the possibilities of false color or multispectral photography? Well, a YouTuber with the channel name grainydays did just that in his pursuit of Aerochrome. He used 2 cameras with identical lenses and a beam splitter. Obviously it is very difficult to align the whole thing so that the images fit. How could this be improved? With smaller cameras, smaller beamsplitter, smaller rig. With that, the parts could probably be aligned better as well.

Watch the video:

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What about those phones that have sometimes 4 lenses right next to each other. One of the sensor could be defiltered. I dont know how they work. I suppose the software doesn’t give you acces to the pictures taken by each sensor separately. But who knows I just have a normal phone with just one lens, so I can’t say. There are crop surveillance cameras that fonction this way. I wonder to what distance the paralax effect is a problem.

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