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Aerochrome-like video

How do you create Aerochrome-like video in the style of Richard Mosse’s footage (link)?

I had only a few minutes of sun today, during the last days it has been raining and snowing almost continuously here. I could use the short time window to test the orange-green filter (link) method with video. I had always failed before because I wanted to set white balance and color tones exactly the same as for photos in Photoshop.

The problem with Aerochrome-like video is, first, that you don’t get the same result with white balance in post as you do with photos. I assume this is partly because you can’t film in a RAW format (at least with my camera), and simply the detection of neutral tones works differently in Premiere with video.

Also, you can’t move the hues around like you can in Photoshop. Accordingly, attempts to swap the channels (you can do that in Premiere) or with the channel mixer were doomed to failure.

I therefore tried it differently and finally succeeded. I did the following:

I set the white balance in the camera to 2500 Kelvin (with no changes in tint). Then I selected the standard variant in the color presets and reduced all sliders there by 1-2 strokes, so that contrast and saturation were reduced.

When filming, I made sure (and this is very important) that the image was underexposed.

Once in the box, I imported the video into Premiere and made a few changes to the channel mixer (under Color Correction). I entered the following values there:







That’s all. Here’s the result. There’s still room for improvement, but I really like this Aerochrome-like video so far.


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