A look behind the UV curtain

I am trying my hand at ultraviolet photography this spring and summer. I bought a special lens for it – the Kuribayashi 35mm, respectively a clone that supposedly has the same properties in the glass, i.e. the high UV transmission, as the original. But unfortunately I haven’t got around to testing it yet, as I don’t have the right adapter.

With the M42 to Nikon adapter, the distance to the sensor is too great, so you can actually only take macro shots. A T-mount was included, now I hope that I will soon find an adapter for this. Whether it works then or not, remains to be seen.

However, I am a little skeptical. I doubt the lens will give that much advantage over others (standard Nikons). Of course, I have already tested out a little in the macro range. And there it doesn’t seem to be that awesome. Let’s wait and see.

The pictures below were taken with the Nikon 35mm. And I think they came out pretty well. They show features of the UV: The car looks strange with its “mottled skin”, which has to do with the differences in UV absorption of the paint. With the self-portrait you can see the typical “aging signs”, UV makes skin blemishes, wrinkles and so on much more prominent. And the street signals that are no longer signals because they block UV.

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